Thursday, November 11, 2010

Is Debt Reduction the new Green?

Nancy Pelosi will lose her G5 broom under John Boehner's leadership -he'll fly commercial. The Tea Party's new congressional members are calling for deep cuts in spending. There are even a few hardcore Global Warming believing, polar bear hugging, Cap and Tradeors© that have begun to make noises in that direction.

So what does it mean? Hell if I know. But maybe, just maybe, it's a sign that Saving Green is the New Going Green©

Jump ahead a few months, and we may see government officials rushing to gain righteousness through austerity. The next one-upsmanship may involve bragging about how much money they saved the taxpayer.

In the House cloak room

Congressman (R): "I rode my bike in here this morning instead of taking my chauffeur driven car. It shows that I get it."

Congressman (D):  "Well I can top that. I just cut my staff by one person."

Congressman (R):  "Not bad, but I'm co-writing a Bill that will slash our chamber's electric cost by mandating that at least half the lights always be off. That's going to save a lot more than you cutting one staffer." 

Congressman (D):  "Whatever. We Democrats have been passing legislation in the dark for years."

Congressman (R):  "Yeah... Well, I guess that makes me a superior Save Green person."

Congressman (D):  "Hold on. Even better than printing on both sides, I'm saving paper in the Congressional Washroom by using both sides of the toilet paper. So there."

Congressman (R): "....Uh... You win."

Saving Green is the New Going Green  and Cap and Tradeors are the exclusive intellectual property of Les James. I don't care that he's not a real person. He still has rights. Like the right to vote.     

Monday, November 8, 2010

Election 2010 -It's about time

Did you remember to set your clocks back this weekend? Or did you wake-up to find you'd missed out on an extra hour's sleep?

Last Wednesday many of us woke-up to find our clocks had been set back to the 80's. The rest of you missed out. But don't worry, you'll get a second chance in two years and every two years after that.

Until then, go back to sleep. We got it from here.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election Results 2010

I'm skeptical about the meaning of last night's election results. Will the Repubs REALLY get the message? While I'm encouraged by the Tea Party gains, I'm taking a wait and see attitude.

One thing's for sure, Nancy will be out of there. But she still has a couple of months to stick it to us. And speaking of sticking it to us, Barney Frank is not extinct. Too bad. This guy has done more to screw my house value than anyone else.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tea Party: It's a little known fact

In a bar in Boston, a postman expounds on the history of the first Tea Party. He explains -to the chagrin of those within earshot- that pissed-off patriots dressed as Mohawk Indians, boarded a ship in that city's harbor and dumped tea into the cold waters.

Today, pissed-off patriots are entering voting booths and are dumping incumbents. The Tea Party isn't interested in a Big Tent. They're looking for a much smaller enclosure. Maybe something far more traditional, something that fits the spirit of first Tea Party.

Hummmm. How about a "T"ea "P"arty "T"ee "P"ee?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tea Party Physics... kinda

The Tea Party is a movement, and movements require a force to move. I believe this force is the Democrat Party. And who best represents the Dems? Why Barack "The Hussein" Obama, of course.

This movement can be felt in our very cores. It's a gut reaction. One might even say to the bowels of our existence. So, the Tea Party is reaction to the actions of the Dems (and a bunch of RINOs). It's a bowel movement. The Tea Party seeks to expel a load of crap from the political alimentary system. Is it a coincidence their initials are T.P.?

Christine O'Donnell will get trophy for second place

Christine O'Donnell ruined her chances of being elected through a series of unfortunate gaffs. Her "...not a witch" comment will be remembered long after the reason for it is forgotten.

Now where I have heard something like this before?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Budget? Poppycock!

The House has decided they will make no further attempt to pass a budget this year (before December).

Why should we expect them to balance a silly check book when the streets are paved with gold, the riverbeds are lined with diamonds, everyone has a great paying job with full benefits, everyone is educated, and the world is at peace, loving everything American? Heck, if you live along the Gulf coast, you don't even have to go to a gas station anymore. The oil is coming to YOU!

But seriously, why read a 2000 page bill when you are assured it will fundamentally transform America and the entire World market? Health care passed without reading, so did the stimulus, why not just pass financial reform without looking as well? Isn't that how things are done in Washington? Relax, no one can blame you, you didn't know their would be drastic effects on the economy, how were you to know financial reform could effect finances? It's not your fault, all the other Democrats were voting for it, blame them. The problems were already here when you started, and those darn Republicans had messed everything up long before you got in office 30 years ago.

There, a little guilt transfer exercise for any congress-critter that backs anything B. Hussein Obama does for the next year. Or until we can throw you out in November.

A little note to congress. GET AWAY FROM MY CONGRESS!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Capitalism On Trial

Watching the questioning of Tony Hayward by the "congress", I was reminded of something, something I couldn't put my finger on at first. Then it occurred to me what was happening. This "congress" is living out the trials of the characters in Ayn Rands fictional world of Atlas Shrugged.

Cudos to Tony Hayward, he knows more about the rights given by God than the ramshackle remnants of the Congress who created the freedom to exorcise those rights among men. In this same paragraph; Curses on his boss for caving at the meeting with Obama.

At the top of the events for the day, Congressman Barton took the high road offering an appropriate apology to Mr. Hayward and BP, for the shakedown they had received at the White House, and was later forced to apologize for apologizing after receiving his own shakedown from the idiots "in charge" of the minority GOP "congress". Add to this Vice President bumble brain Biden standing at a podium somewhere and accusing BP and Barton of the exact inaction the Obama regime is blatantly guilty of and unquestionably proud of committing. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?

For the last 60 days, every single effort to protect the coast, save the animals, collect or burn the oil, stop the leak, provide for the common defense, or in any way mitigate the crisis of this ACCIDENT, has been met with a wall of bureaucracy thrown up to stop any forward progress.

Are you politicians so utterly corrupt that you don't even have a moral compass anymore? This is beyond broken. C'mon November, I can't wait to throw you idiots out of MY Congress, even if you have to be replaced with mental patients, drop-outs, and Rainmen.

The only statement Tony Hayward had to make to get elected as the next president of the U. S. comes directly from the 53 year old words in a fictional tale about government corruption and the absolute destruction of the freedoms of the builders of the world. In the words of John Galt himself...


UPDATE: June 22, 2010.
The above statement goes double for General Stanley McChrystal when he faces the "president".

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The True Depth Of Liberal Fear Exposed

For nearly two years Liberals, Democrats, Progressives, Leftists, Socialists, and pretty much everyone who hates America and Americans, have been ranting and screeching about a certain attractive mother of five who happens to have genuine American values and proven leadership skills.

Now first of all let me say that far be it from me to attempt to travel within the unmapped endless meandering maze which comprises the thinking mechanisms which loosely constitute the definition of a liberal mind, but something occurred to me just the other day which gave me some glimmer of understanding into the direction of what might vaguely resemble the definition of a cognizant thought within the darkness that is a liberal brain.

Sarah Palin has boobs, and you could see them (not that way). Now before you get all freaky and shocked that I might have noticed (or not), let me point out that as a typical red-blooded heterosexual American male, I never once had the thought cross my mind that Sarah DIDN'T have boobs. I guess you could say I kind of assumed it was so. My point being that it made no difference to me. Well, that's not exactly correct either because it really does matter to me, but not for the reason it normally would matter to me. You see even though Sarah is, in my age group, sufficiently attractive, and generally within my range of "prospective" female preferences; I simply didn't see her as I normally would a potential personal partner. I can't define exactly why, but it seems to me like she is more a sister than anything else, and that is just creepy. Anyway back to the news at hand. Sarah's boobs. It seems there wasn't time to change before the big race at Belmont, so the Palins went directly to the track from the airport, and Sarah had on a rather clingy semi-transparent low-cut shirt.

Liberals, et-al, due to this image of Sarah, have had a shock sent through their malformed incongruous discombobulated little brains which have the complete incapacity to grasp even the simplest of minor facts without support from people they feel are smarter than they. To wit, THIS photograph...

WOW, I just might have to rethink my previous attitude. No wait, where was I, oh yeah. You see Liberals, et al, know they must be controlled by people who are better than they are, and the controllers are freaking out over these new developments(!).

This could well be a turning point in the leaning of national politics. After all living proof -occasionally- sleeps in the White House that Liberals, et al, will consistently vote for the two biggest boobs placed in front of them. Here's proof...

Unfortunately, it seems for the first time since the '08 elections, the horse Sarah was backing didn't win. Go Sarah! You keep picking them, and I'll keep voting for yours!

PS. Sarah, have a talk with Alito, I've sent him word but he's not responding to me, maybe you will have better luck.

Monday, May 24, 2010


A short lesson that I have found somehow overlooked by the school system over the last generation. Just for the children, and poorly educated adults.