Saturday, June 26, 2010

Budget? Poppycock!

The House has decided they will make no further attempt to pass a budget this year (before December).

Why should we expect them to balance a silly check book when the streets are paved with gold, the riverbeds are lined with diamonds, everyone has a great paying job with full benefits, everyone is educated, and the world is at peace, loving everything American? Heck, if you live along the Gulf coast, you don't even have to go to a gas station anymore. The oil is coming to YOU!

But seriously, why read a 2000 page bill when you are assured it will fundamentally transform America and the entire World market? Health care passed without reading, so did the stimulus, why not just pass financial reform without looking as well? Isn't that how things are done in Washington? Relax, no one can blame you, you didn't know their would be drastic effects on the economy, how were you to know financial reform could effect finances? It's not your fault, all the other Democrats were voting for it, blame them. The problems were already here when you started, and those darn Republicans had messed everything up long before you got in office 30 years ago.

There, a little guilt transfer exercise for any congress-critter that backs anything B. Hussein Obama does for the next year. Or until we can throw you out in November.

A little note to congress. GET AWAY FROM MY CONGRESS!

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