Friday, June 18, 2010

Capitalism On Trial

Watching the questioning of Tony Hayward by the "congress", I was reminded of something, something I couldn't put my finger on at first. Then it occurred to me what was happening. This "congress" is living out the trials of the characters in Ayn Rands fictional world of Atlas Shrugged.

Cudos to Tony Hayward, he knows more about the rights given by God than the ramshackle remnants of the Congress who created the freedom to exorcise those rights among men. In this same paragraph; Curses on his boss for caving at the meeting with Obama.

At the top of the events for the day, Congressman Barton took the high road offering an appropriate apology to Mr. Hayward and BP, for the shakedown they had received at the White House, and was later forced to apologize for apologizing after receiving his own shakedown from the idiots "in charge" of the minority GOP "congress". Add to this Vice President bumble brain Biden standing at a podium somewhere and accusing BP and Barton of the exact inaction the Obama regime is blatantly guilty of and unquestionably proud of committing. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?

For the last 60 days, every single effort to protect the coast, save the animals, collect or burn the oil, stop the leak, provide for the common defense, or in any way mitigate the crisis of this ACCIDENT, has been met with a wall of bureaucracy thrown up to stop any forward progress.

Are you politicians so utterly corrupt that you don't even have a moral compass anymore? This is beyond broken. C'mon November, I can't wait to throw you idiots out of MY Congress, even if you have to be replaced with mental patients, drop-outs, and Rainmen.

The only statement Tony Hayward had to make to get elected as the next president of the U. S. comes directly from the 53 year old words in a fictional tale about government corruption and the absolute destruction of the freedoms of the builders of the world. In the words of John Galt himself...


UPDATE: June 22, 2010.
The above statement goes double for General Stanley McChrystal when he faces the "president".

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