Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Obama's Half-Brother "Found"

Democrat Presidential candidate, Senator Barack Hussein Obama today slammed Republican Senator John McCain by saying, "Our job in this election is not just 'win,' although I'm a big believer in winning…I don't intend to lose this election. John McCain doesn't know what he's up against.” Obama continued with, "He can talk all he wants about Britney and Paris, but I don't have time for that mess."

This was in obvious reference to George Hussein Onyango Obama, Barack’s half-brother being located living in a slum in the town of Huruma on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. George is but one of eight children produced by Obama’s father to four different wives.

The Senator from Illinois, and presumed next President of the United States, seems to be considering bringing his extended family together to act as “muscle” for his bid for the White House.

“I wish my brother George was here,” the Senator was heard to lament just a week or so ago. Now it seems he will have his wish. But with family scattered from England, to China, to Kenya and beyond, it may take a while to bring them all together.

Once tracked-down, George Obama was reported to say "No-one knows who I am. I live here on less than a dollar a month." When asked how he earns his dollar a month he said, “Oh, no. I do not earn it. Barack is very generous; he sends me the money every month. But it is always in change. He is big on change.”

When George was asked how he likes the idea of coming to America to help his half-brother with his political fight, he replied “I have scars from defending myself with my fists. I am good with my fists."

Photo: Guy Calaf


Anonymous said...

HA! Good one!

Les James said...

Huh, I've seen that picture somewhere before. It's kind of like that day-jaw-view thing.

Just can't put my finger on it.