Monday, August 18, 2008

Michael Phelps Should Be Ashamed

The Olympic spirit has spread around the world. The thrill of watching elite athletics has calmed the fears of mothers in the Sudan, destroyed millions of tons of CO2 -dropping the global temperature by almost one degree, fixed the housing crisis, pushed the Russians out of Georgia, and who knows how many other wondrous things.

Yeah, what ever.

The only thing the Olympics have really done, is to once more show the world why it needs to go the way of the original Greeks. Besides, the Olympics aren't for everyone. They're only for a special few or for the special. See, I didn't say crips or retarded. I'm evolving.

First off, consider what China could have done with the estimated 700 gazillion or so dollars they spent on these “games”. Uh huh, I said games. Next, what about all of the travel for those pampered, overfeed, blood doped, spoiled brats? Think about the inner-city children that could have been sent to "green" summer camps in their stead, where they could have had been fed nourishing vegan food and had a safe place to sleep, away from the drug dealers and gun fire -if only for a few weeks.

Then there is all the those uber-rich who have stepped on the backs of the exploited poor in order to afford the luxury accommodations they are staying in during these two or so weeks in China.

And the U. S. just keeps winning medals. How is America ever going to improve its relations with the world when we consistently embarrass smaller, more deserving nations by wiping the floor with them in these one-side contest?

The world hates us and the current administration has gone out of its way to rub these underprivileged country’s nerves raw. What was Bush thinking by going to China, meeting with the U.S. athletics and then saying how proud of them he was? He set us back at least another ten years.

It gets worse. Much worse. The Chinese promote national unity, while the American Olympic program promotes being the best. What’s up with that? For years we’ve been teaching our children that competition is bad for their self-esteem. Not everyone gets a medal, let alone a gold one. Not to mention that almost all of the team sports played there have been rightfully banned from grade school campuses because they’re down right dangerous.

Swords, guns, spears, punching, kicking, wrestling on the floor, flying through the air, throwing heavy objects? Someone could get an eye put out. What are we teaching our kids?

On the upside, women’s softball is on its last legs. The selfish American women have dominated that sport for over a hundred years, or something like that. They won’t let anyone else win. Fortunately some right-thinking committee is going to punish them by axing that event from the 2012 games. Good for them.

But by far the most glaring example of this blatant ego driven, American imperialistic greed, is Michael Phelps. He’s got like dozens of gold medals. No one needs that many medals. What a horrid example he’s set for today’s youth. Win, win, win, win, win. That’s all he could thing about. What ever happened to sharing? Shame on you Michael.

The United States is only three percent of the world’s population, but we take about half of the world’s Olympic medals. When will we ever learn?

Hopefully, the next President will boycott the Olympics for the good of our kiddies.

After saying all of this, Women's Beach Volleyball can stay. Now that's compelling viewing.


Anonymous said...

Just think how many more unfortunate Olympians could have a gold medal now if the IOC, in the interest of fairness would have said, "Now Michael, you have a medal already. It's time to let others have their chance to win one." The guy has like 12 Gold medals total. Instead of inspiring a generation to try to achieve greatness, which will most likely result in failure, crushing of dreams, and possible suicide, he should be a model of fairness and equality of outcome.

What a douche.

Anonymous said... question..are you a communist? have to be! we have the olympic games to challenge other countries. so we are bad people for being good at what we do....its not our fault that the other countries can not compare to the greatness of america! the people who won medals trained very hard to get them...maybe if the other people want medals they should work harder for them. and ya lets make things equal for everyone so things are fair so then nobody wants to strive for excellence cause no matter what they are winners so then when someone does deserve something its not as good because everyone gets the same are nothing but a communist s.o.b. who wants to pawn off his ignorant communist beliefs on the good people of america.

Flowers Bloom said...

Michael Phelps is nothing but a creation of the Chimp and the Cheney-Haliburton war machine. They set the whole thing up to be a diversion from their failed war for oil.

Sorry, but it's not like swimming medals are going to divert the attention of the reality based community from noticing the 1 billion Iraqis that have been murdered by Bushco just to line the pockets of his big oil cronies.

It's time to move on from phony medal ceremonies and impeach Bushitler before he finishes turning our country into a dictatorship.

Perspective people!

Chris C said...

Aw hell, we all know Phelps will be broke in ten years and he'll be selling the damn things on EBay.

Les James said...

Fiar, Chris - thanks for stopping by. Fiar, you look different without all the hippie hair. And I agree, what a douche.

supersweetdude12 - Yeah, I'm a communist. You caught me. I guess the thin veil of satire wasn't enough to hide the true me.

Flowers Bloom - Where have you been? There is no way I could ever (or would ever want to) fill your sandals over at Radioactive Liberty.

Anonymous said...

Who let Flowers out of the asylum? Huh?