Thursday, August 14, 2008

One State, Two State

Well the political season has come into heat. The news media is sniffing at each other butts while the two major parties prepare to fight over the bitch. (That would be our votes) Political Action Committees are sharpening their claws, ready to disembowel any who deserve it.

The scent is in the air. Nothing will stop the impending carnage now. Only one will survive. They will either be standing in the middle or on the far left. Either way, we're the ones who are getting screwed.

So how about a little something to take you back to your childhood? Something soothing, so you can forget about your woes? A nice bit of gentle verse perhaps?

One state, two state
Red state, Blue state
We’re through with debate
Let’s get right to hate

The liberal media just can’t wait
To divide us again state by state
The evil rich from the righteous poor
Chopping up the states even more

I’ve been standing still, on right
But everyone else is out of sight
Gone to the middle, they would say
I think they’ve just gone astray

One state, two state
Red State, Blue State
It’s a not just real estate
Do you know what’s at stake?

Universal health care for everyone
Pull out the troops, we’ll Cut and Run
Open up the borders, yes we can
It’s only right to let them in

Its all for the children they will say
Only corporations will have to pay
For those who smoke or use gas
The taxes will increase right up the…

One State, Two State
Red State, Blue State
If we keep up this rate
Soon it’ll be too late

Stock market woes or credit crunch
Has the government been out to lunch?
It’s not at all what you would guess
They’re the ones got us into this mess

A vote for the left will set it right
They’ve got your wallets in their sights
Take more money, spread it around
Build some up by tearing others down

One State, Two State
Red State, Blue State
Open your eyes, initiate

We just can't wait

Once they get God out of the way
We’ll all face east when we pray
Kick our heritage right out the door
Then America will be no more

Give out needles, take away the guns
Move’s going to get things done
We may have to take this to the street
Before we see our country in defeat.


Les James said...

Well that wasn't funny at all!

Les James said...

It's called satire, you idiot.

Anonymous said...

This liberal media thing...That dog don't hunt anymore.

For every NY Times, there is a Rush Limbaugh.

For every CNN, there is a MSNBC displaying Tucker Carlson.

On a slight technicality - referencing getting god out of the way and praying to the east....if god is gone who is praying and since this is a hit on muslims, they do believe in god; they just use a different name for him/her.

Les James said...

I beg to differ with your balanced media idea, but either way I stand by my verse.

God is a relative term. The Islamic god is not my God. Thus the reference. I believe they would tell you the same.