Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Shame on Michael Phelps: The Obama/Phelps Connection

It’s been a few weeks since Michael Phelps greedily took more than his far share of gold medals at the Beijing Olympic games. Leno joked with Phelps that if he was a country he would have come in 9th in the gold medal count. Beating France. Funny? Sadly no.

As I stated before, in Michael Phelps Should be Ashamed, the Olympics have become nothing but a place for a few to show-off. Unfortunately, America hasn’t learned that lesson. We are a country hooked on idol worship. I give you the most glaring example, American Idol. Just wait until Moses comes back down from the mountain this time; he’s going to be pissed.

Michael Phelps is only the latest in a long list of non-contributing individuals who seek fame and fortune while doing nothing to really better mankind. Another typical jock? Maybe not in this case. Much like the “coincidences” in the Lincoln/Kennedy assassinations, there is the Obama/Phelps Connection.

Here are the facts:

Michael Phelps has had 1.5 million Phans flood his Facebook page. That’s as many as Barack Obama. The similarities between the two don’t end there. Currently Phelps is just behind Obama as the most famous, non-celebrity celebrity in the world. Sorry Anna Nichole.

Not enough for you?

Obama has been given untold millions to run around the country promoting himself. Phelps stands to get 100 million to do the same. Obama was indorsed by Oprah. Phelps has been on her show. Obama’s been on Saturday Night Live. Phelps is guest hosting the season opener. Both have been on the cover of Time magazine.

Phelps is starting his own charity, a la Bill Clinton. He will give that charity 1 million dollars or about 1% of his wealth. Obama has a record of giving less than ½ of one percent to charities, while the average American gives 2.2% of their hard earned cash to the needy. Shame on you Michael and double shame on you Barack.

Not convinced yet?

Wait there’s more! My Mom always said, “Show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are.” Obama’s friends include a lunatic pastor, a known terrorist, an indicted Chicago slumlord and the well-known swimmer, Ted Kennedy. See what I mean about “coincidences”? Swimmer and a Kennedy.

And Phelps friends? He is known to hang around swimmers. I don’t know if any of them are named Lincoln or Kennedy, but it wouldn’t surprise me. A few days ago he face planted in a bar in Vegas after fondling –up innocent young girls at a hotel. Lately he’s been seen with Kid Rock. You know, the guy who was so unkind to his lovely wife Pamela Anderson. Rock has a new CD out. It’s called Rock and Roll Jesus. Just another example of the messiah complex that hovers around these two.

Then there is his new friend, the gangster rapper, Akon. Can you say Chicago? This guy was caught on film shoving one woman off of a platform at concert in Guyana and punching another in the face. Nice friends Michael.

Phelps recently sang with some guy who used to call himself KoolAid (yeah, I know. A link to Guyana?) but now takes his name from some 17th century French bishop –see the French and religious connection again? He calls himself Kardinal Offishall. Worse than a terrorist, he's Canadian!

The facts are overwhelming. The question is, what do we do about it? We don't really want these types of people influencing our youth do we? I’d have to say no. The bottom line is, that no one should have that kind of power. I say we get Samuel L Jackson to hunt them down -like he did those guys in Jumper, and for the same reasons. Let’s keep America save from the likes of Barack Obama and Michael Phelps.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Obama should appoint Phelps as Secretary of Something. :)

Les James said...

I'm not sure he could handle having someone that much like himself around. But if he did, Sec of Something has a nice ring. Like HUD, DOT, DOD, he'd be the SOS.

Chris C said...

Does he really call them 'Phans'?

Wow just wow.

Les James said...

You can't (well on second thought, maybe you could)make this stuff up.

Les James said...

Democrat Presidential candidate Barack Obama will now be joining Olympic medalist and stingy American, Michael Phelps on Saturday Night Live! It's sad to see how far SNL has sunk. Shame on Michael Phelps,Barack Obama and SNL.