Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The True Depth Of Liberal Fear Exposed

For nearly two years Liberals, Democrats, Progressives, Leftists, Socialists, and pretty much everyone who hates America and Americans, have been ranting and screeching about a certain attractive mother of five who happens to have genuine American values and proven leadership skills.

Now first of all let me say that far be it from me to attempt to travel within the unmapped endless meandering maze which comprises the thinking mechanisms which loosely constitute the definition of a liberal mind, but something occurred to me just the other day which gave me some glimmer of understanding into the direction of what might vaguely resemble the definition of a cognizant thought within the darkness that is a liberal brain.

Sarah Palin has boobs, and you could see them (not that way). Now before you get all freaky and shocked that I might have noticed (or not), let me point out that as a typical red-blooded heterosexual American male, I never once had the thought cross my mind that Sarah DIDN'T have boobs. I guess you could say I kind of assumed it was so. My point being that it made no difference to me. Well, that's not exactly correct either because it really does matter to me, but not for the reason it normally would matter to me. You see even though Sarah is, in my age group, sufficiently attractive, and generally within my range of "prospective" female preferences; I simply didn't see her as I normally would a potential personal partner. I can't define exactly why, but it seems to me like she is more a sister than anything else, and that is just creepy. Anyway back to the news at hand. Sarah's boobs. It seems there wasn't time to change before the big race at Belmont, so the Palins went directly to the track from the airport, and Sarah had on a rather clingy semi-transparent low-cut shirt.

Liberals, et-al, due to this image of Sarah, have had a shock sent through their malformed incongruous discombobulated little brains which have the complete incapacity to grasp even the simplest of minor facts without support from people they feel are smarter than they. To wit, THIS photograph...

WOW, I just might have to rethink my previous attitude. No wait, where was I, oh yeah. You see Liberals, et al, know they must be controlled by people who are better than they are, and the controllers are freaking out over these new developments(!).

This could well be a turning point in the leaning of national politics. After all living proof -occasionally- sleeps in the White House that Liberals, et al, will consistently vote for the two biggest boobs placed in front of them. Here's proof...

Unfortunately, it seems for the first time since the '08 elections, the horse Sarah was backing didn't win. Go Sarah! You keep picking them, and I'll keep voting for yours!

PS. Sarah, have a talk with Alito, I've sent him word but he's not responding to me, maybe you will have better luck.


satire247 said...

In fairness to liberals, they probably feel they are looking at the weapons that will soon destroy them.
Oh, and by the way nice set....of blogs you got going here.

Eric said...

Satire, I have no desire to offer fairness to liberals, a decent Christian funeral I would go along with(politically speaking).

Thank you for the compliment, we like it around here when people notice our rack.