Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some Of, The Construction Of American Government

I live in Florida. To be precise, I live in Florida's U. S. Congressional District 3. My U.S. Congressperson is Representative Corine Brown. Corine Brown is an 8 term incumbent Democrat(since 1993), who previously served ten years as a Florida State Representative from the Jacksonville area. There is some information at the Wiki site if you click her name, but let me recap to save some time.

Corine Brown has a Masters Degree in Education from U of Florida, and an honorary dr. of law degree from Edward Waters College. She has been on the faculty at U of F, EWC and Florida State College at Jacksonville.

I give you my Congressperson Corine Brown.

You must to watch this video.

A short recap of her speech, but you really should watch it; Thank you mista speaka...GO GATA...I want to gratulate the universee a florda...flarda is the forth skoo in the modern ear to win 2 outright national ch--tylas in 3 yeehs...thir--the win makes Irvin Mayas the fifth active corch wit muttable national is malice the mosh the presha he was unda...Pearcy Havey, who gusty play won him da game baw.

I could go on, but I hope you get the drift. (watch the video) I won't even go into her voting record.(part if it is at the Wiki link)

After the 1990 census, the Florida legislature carved out a new Third Congressional District in the northern part of the state. This district was designed to enclose an African-American majority within its boundaries(from Wiki). Corine won in '93. In 1995, the boundaries of the Third District were struck down by the Supreme Court due to their irregular shape.

Look at the shape of the 3rd today...

North Jacksonville, East Gainsville, West Orlando, and select areas between.

There is a little finger that sticks out(10 miles) to capture me, and thousands of blacks, in her 180 mile North/South district. Thank you Supreme Court.

There's an old saying that you can't change your neighbors, unless you move to a different neighborhood. From the look of my District, I can't change my congressperson unless I move either. Gerrymandering, alive and well in America.
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Les James said...

She ob-be-us-lee be college ed-a-cated.

Sorry you live on the long finger. That's the middle one, right?