Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hispanic Racism

There is a big uproar about the new Arizona State law about illegals. Let's get into the whole race thing that the left wing "media" wants to turn into a race issue.

Basically the Arizona law supports the US Federal law making it a Misdemeanor, in addition to the Felony that is the crime for being in the United States Illegally. What? It is a Federal crime to be in America illegally? YES IT IS!

If you cross the U.S. Territorial line, anywhere, ILLEGALLY, you have committed a Felony according to U.S. law, if you do it in Arizona you have also committed a Misdemeanor. WOW.

Living in Florida I know, if you are Cuban, all you have to do is reach dry land, and you are a "legal immigrant", and they won't send you away, come from anywhere else, and you are going back where you came from, period. Florida doesn't need a law similar to that just passed in Arizona.

Puerto Ricans.

What's that? Puerto Ricans are American Citizens at birth? YES THEY ARE! Oh, and they HATE Spanish speaking non-American Hispanics. Mexican, Cuban, and Haitian mostly, but it's not limited to them.

Here's the satire/conservative/non-racist spin.

If Arizona were Puerto Rico, they would be tossing all the "brown skin", Spanish speaking people back into the sea with no mercy. They aren't Americans, they would say(in Spanish), they don't belong here. Is that racism? I think not. I think it is Americanism.

Update: There is a bill going to vote on the floor in the House, TODAY (4/29/10) about Statehood for Puerto Rico (HR 2499). It is non-binding, so it's just another check mark to be shown on the ballot when they vote in PR. BUT, you saw it here first!


Les James said...

Was listening to a local talk show today. Lars Larsen had a Hispanic caller who said that Europeans where the illegals since the Native Americans didn't invite them in. I guess under that presumption, the Spanish were invited to slaughter the local population and rape their women, producing the modern North American Latino. This, of course, makes them the new, rightful owners.

Eric said...

I have never met a legal immigrant, or Puerto Rican, that had a problem with producing proof that they are a citizen. NEVER. In fact, they shout it to the world, and are proud of it.

Back to your comment Les, everything East of the Continental Divide, was in control of the French(Louisiana Purchase), or the English(Revolutionary War), until we bought it or warred for it.

A little history, there wasn't a living horse in the Americas until the Spanish brought them; Native Americans didn't scalp enemies until the Spanish taught them to; French and English never forced the indigenous to learn their language, or accept their religion, the Spanish always did. French and English never enslaved indigenous peoples in the Americas, the Spanish always did.