Saturday, April 17, 2010

2 Points 2 Make

Point one; The original 1913 1040 tax form, with instructions. (this is a PDF form) Notice the site is the IRS. I wonder, if I had printed and filed this form would they accept it?

Point two; I read this just yesterday in his memoir, you have to wait to find out who it is, but here is a quote that strikes me as rather poignant right now. It is from a speech given on November 3, 1949. (1949!)

(The central issue of the campaign will be)"simply the choice between freedom and socialism." "The Democratic Party today, nationally and in our own state (of California), has been captured and is completely controlled by a group of ruthless, cynical seekers-after-power who have committed the party to policies and principles which are completely foreign to those of it's founders."

How about that, here it is 60 years later, and nothing has changed. Okay, I can hear you screaming, who is this and where can we get more of this type to run for office, well here's a picture of that guy.

Oh, if you are unaware, that is 37th POTUS, 36th VPOTUS, US Senator(CA), CA 12th Dist. US Representative, US Navy LCDR, Richard Milhous Nixon (January 9, 1913 – April 22, 1994).


Les James said...

And those same Dems are still in office. At least I think so, they all look alike to me.

Anonymous said...

He's tanned, he's fit, he's ready!
Nixon in '12!!!!!