Monday, April 5, 2010

Satiracally Impervious

I watch the news every day. I read the blogs every day. I speak with my neighbors, friends and family every day looking for something humorous, or satirical in the politics we all live with every day.

I can find nothing funny about what we face in our future to make fun of.

Iran can launch a satellite, and will soon have nukes.
North Korea has nukes and will soon launch a satellite.
Russia is working with Chavez to sell them nukes, and helicopters.
America puts border defenders in jail for abusing border jumpers.
Patriotic American citizens are demonized as the enemy by the Department of Homeland Security.

Freedom and liberty are on the edge of being lost for all time in America.

I can find no humor in that. (I see now how Native Americans felt)

On the other hand, the "Census Bureau" sent me a form to fill out with questions I don't have to answer, TWICE. They have sent my neighbor the form THREE times.

Name, Age, and Sex for each person in residence are the only required answers; if you answered more questions, or answered more than one time, you just paid for more nukes in Iran, Venezuela and Cuba; more Taliban in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan; and tragically, more "Democracy" in Americas Constitutionally required Constitutional Republic. Many people over the world will needlessly not survive the Democratization of Americas Constitutional Republic, and in that I can find little humor.

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Melissa said...

Actually, the number of persons living in the residence is the ONLY required answer.

Les James said...

Going to have to disagree with you Melissa. Just finished working for the Census. The first 5 questions are considered the most critical. 3 of 5 is a complete ICR (Individual Census Report). Less than that and you will be getting a face to face with a Census worker.

Eric said...

I'll be sure to keep the black-face handy for them when they get to my door. If Obama is black, so am I.

Eric said...

According to the form, if persons 7 thru 12 only require the basics. There is no racial profiling required by MY Constitution.