Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jihad For Jesus?

Call them what you will, Jihadist for Jesus, Holy Hoodlums, Divine Desperadoes, Old Testament Terrorist, or a Bible Brute Squad, these Huntaree Christian Militia members are pure Satanic Evil.

I'd sure like to ask them:

What were you thinking? Were you jealous because the Israelis and Muslims are getting all the press lately? Did God really whisper in your ear and say "Hey I got an idea, why don't you kill some cops for me? I'm kinda busy" ?

If you all absolutely had to be raving religious whack jobs, couldn't you have followed the example of the Jim Jones cult? Guyana Grape...mmm, mmm! Or maybe you could mix arsenic with wine, and suck-down some Michael Jackson inspired, Jesus Juice.

Regardless, you're all a bunch of treasonous, cowardly dumb asses. I hope you all get sent to General Population at Gitmo. Wouldn't that make a great reality show? It could run for years. Because despite Obama's Executive Order and promises, it's going to open for a long time.

I love finishing on a positive note

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