Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thank You Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck, you know him, or have heard of him. Glenn Beck, stands as a Conservative American and speaks as a Conservative American. He learns the truth about America, and tells his accidents about what he used to believe being an American was, and what it means to him now..... And it should mean to you now. For you, following is a copy of my email to Glenn Beck, thanking him.

Thank you, Glenn Beck for educating Americans with facts, instead of theories.
Thank you, Glenn Beck for speaking truth, rather than speaking against it.
Thank you, Glenn Beck for showing Americans who their domestic enemies are.
Thank you, Glenn Beck for better defining the rules of what American means.
Thank you, Glenn Beck for supporting the Constitution of the United States of America, unconditionally.
Thank you, Glenn Beck for unreservedly supporting American military patriots, who have sworn to live and die for OUR Constitution, even though you have not.
Thank you, Glenn Beck for calling out LIARS, by name, whom have broken their oath to OUR Constitution.
Thank you, Glenn Beck for not believing that man is destroying the Earth, even as you live your life making an effort to preserve it from your impact.
Thank you, Glenn Beck for living the American dream, which all of us cannot, but every one of us still dream of.
Thank you, Glenn Beck for representing ME THE AMERICAN to the public that will never know me the person.

Glenn Beck; Would that I/Americans had Congressmen/Senators/Presidents who held and voted on the values that you portray. (I am curious to know if you would vote the same way if your single vote counted for more than just your single vote)(doesn't a President vote for his entire popular vote every time he signs a bill?)(or should he sign by his conscience?)

Glenn Beck; While you do not stand for everything that I believe in, you do portray to the world many of the things that I believe in, and for that, I thank you.

Glenn Beck; If you should run for office, in my area, you have my vote (for now). If not, I will still watch/listen to your show when I can (as long as you keep MY point of view).


Trent C said...

Why don't you get Glenn Becks cock smell out of your mouth. It has been proven he is a ravenous money hungry racist who makes shit up and draws on a chalkboard too look like some eccentric educate professor. He is all lies and you are his bitch.

Les James said...

Once again proving just how inclusive and loving the far left is. No hate, no divisive speech, just hands across the water goodness. Thanks Trent for the object lesson.