Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Right Wing Humor is Service to Country

That's right, I actually mean posting  Right-Wing/ Conservative Humor and Satire is Service to Country. I'm retired Army, I know what that phrase means. I'll explain why I say that, but first a word to Eric.

Our friend Jump-Out hit the same wall as you about a year ago. He hasn't posted in all that time -that I'm aware of. It's a shame, the guy has talent. Eric, here's why you need to re-locate your gift of finding something a little funny in our dire times. Humor is a sharp edged tool in the fight to save our country. It allows one to say things in a way that can provoke, enlighten, inform, and motivate the reader.

Links to further info provide the "hard" news, while the post itself gives a break from the 2x4 across the head noise coming from the TV and radio.

I see Right Wing Political Humor as a suave to the wounds of the conservative psyche. We get out important (sometimes) information in a softer way. We are the kinder, gentler media. And is that not a service to our great nation? I sure think so.

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