Wednesday, April 7, 2010

2012 Conservative Presidential And Staff Nominations

Here I sit, just thinking what a mess my country is in and getting a reminder from Les that it isn't our duty to actually make the needed changes, but to plant the seeds for the ReConstitution of the American way, as we defeat the diarrhea that is the liberal agenda which is eviscerating America. Thanks Les, you remind me well.

In light of a "NEWS" story I saw on Drudge, I have assembled a list of my own personal nominations for national political office in 2012. Your own list likely varies, and input is welcome in the comment section.

President - Samuel Anthony Alito Jr. (Wiki him, he is AWESOME)

Vice President - SARAH! (Duh, not duh her, duh as if there is any other choice)

Chief of Staff - Chuck Norris (you are right Mr. President, if they disagree, I'll kick their ass until they understand you are right)

Press Sec - Michelle Malkin (God I love watching her chew up and spit out lefties)

Sec State - Ann Coulter ("Invade their countries. Kill their leaders. Convert them to Christianity". 'nuff said)

Sec Defense - David Howell Petraeus (talk about awesome, Wiki THIS guy)

Sec Homeland Security, with special assignment as Czar Eliminator and special interest/lobbyist corpse hider - Dick Cheney (anyone who would shotgun a lawyer in the face, needs to be in charge of the best interests of America)

Sec Education - Glenn Beck (sure he's plump, sure he's rich, but he tells the truth, he digs out and exposes lies, and he has children, oh, and he's not gay)

Sec Energy - T. Boone Pickens (eh, he's a rich liberal looking to get richer, but he has a good plan for energy independence)

Sec Treasury - Bernie Maydoff (want a scheming, tax-cheating, clueless, liar in charge of the Mint and IRS, who better than the best?)

Sec Veterans Affairs - John McCain (yes he's a RINO but he has earned the place to act in the best interest of vets)

Executive Assistant to ensure Constitutional limitation for all legislation(Constitution upholder) - Ron Paul (flat taxes, balanced budget)

Sec Interior - ROOOODY! (ROOODY)

Some players not listed for specific posts but recommended; Pamela Geller, The Fred(Thompson), Michelle Bachman, Newt, Mitt, Scott.

You will notice that not all offices have been included. I'm not actually a politician so I don't care about who is sitting in some office that I'm not aware of, UNTIL they effect my liberty; I will reconsider as required.

Note: Make no mistake, I LOVE the Tea Party movement, but I am realistic in the knowledge that the Republican party is the only one viable to seat Conservative values for President and VP in 2012, it is IMPOSSIBLE to third party enough ELECTORAL votes by then. Whomever you may choose, don't third party Obama into another 4 years.


Eric said...

Oh Crap, I just noticed all my noms are White. Well except Michelle.

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