Thursday, March 4, 2010

Palin vs. Oprah Behind The Scenes Exposed!

In an EXCLUSIVE story for Sideshow Mirrors; A behind the scenes exchange of words between former Governor Sarah Palin and talk show host Oprah Winfrey following their on air interview from Nov. 16, 2009, has been exposed by crack journalist Eric*! (*yes, it's just Eric, he's that good he only needs one name)

Oprah: So tell me Sarah, exactly who are you, because most of what we taped is pretty much vanilla ice cream.

Palin: Well Oprah, I'm just an every-day American woman trying to live the American dream the best way I know how while loving my family, my God, and my country, and doing my best to help other Americans live the same dream.

Opray: Do you really think you have a better picture of what is best for America than Barak Hussein Obama? Do you think you are more American than he is?

Palin: Well no one can really say for sure what is better Oprah, but I have brought with me a few things that I think are interesting: Here is a Certified copy of my Certificate of Live Birth signed by a doctor and witnesses; My complete school and college transcript history; My marriage license; My complete medical history; My application for a United States passport; My history of every vote, and the position I took on every issue while holding every office I have been elected to as a public servant; My license to carry a concealed weapon; My applications for hunting licenses, animal tags, and complete police records from every town in which I have lived; My lifetime membership card for the NRA; As well as a video tape of my entire life with testimony from every person I have ever known, met, stood next to, thought about, or seen in a dream. Oh, and an autographed copy of my book.

Oprah: That's all fine and pretty but, what makes you think you are more qualified to be President than Barak Hussein Obama?

Palin: Oprah, didn't you hear anything I just said?

Oprah: So you are refusing to answer the question?

Palin: You invited me here to interview me about my book. I haven't even run for President, but if I were to, I think I have the necessary qualifications.

Oprah: Book? What book? Are you kidding me? YOUR BOOK? Do you seriously think just coming on my show will get you in my book club? Don't you realize who I am? I'm the richest woman on the face of the earth! I can buy and sell you, like your ancestors used to mine! You must be kidding me to think you can come on MY show and not bow to me like Obama does to countries that black American minorities have overcome by their significant efforts! You are no longer in charge you ignorant white trash racist overproducing God loving radical! I have more money than the Queen of England! What I say goes! Get behind me. You cannot suppress me any longer because I'm better than you, I have more money! I am the new world order! You will follow my lead from now on because we now have a black President and he's going to change the way white people think! If you don't believe me, just look how he is going to tax all you super rich oppressors for not paying out your dues to us poor hard pressed unfortunate blacks that you have been treading on for centuries!

Palin: Um, Oprah, you do realize that you are in the tax bracket that will pay the most under Obamas plan, possibly as much as 100%, don't you?

Oprah: What?

Palin: You are in the top 1% of money makers, you will pay the highest rate without exemptions.

Oprah: Why that dirty no good mulatto wanna-be! He's not even a real black man! Who does he think he is? Doesn't he know who I am? I'm OPRAH!......

ed. There was more that Oprah had to say but personal decorum prevents me from reprinting it here. This has been an exclusive article for Slideshow Mirrors from Eric.

A previous interview by Eric with Russian President Andre Medvedev for Radioactive Liberty is available here.


Chris C said...

hehe that was a good one. :)

Les James said...

Funny, dude.