Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hello From Florida:

Hello Sideshow Mirrors. Les James in all his eminent wisdom has offered me an opportunity to speak here on this little corner of the world. His being a humorist I'm not sure if that is good or not.

My name is Eric. Yes it's just Eric. What I can't have just one name? Elvis did, Sade does, Madonna does, well Madonna does it all, but that's off the subject. So it's just Eric. I have guest posts at Radioactive Liberty, here and here.

I'm in Florida, and on this day in 1845 Florida became a State. Being in Florida I am constantly reminded that I live in the 8th Congressional District. If you aren't in Florida, and possibly even if you are, you won't be aware of the fact that the 8th is the district currently being represented by Congressman Alan Grayson. Yes THAT Alan Grayson. Don't start blaming me, I didn't vote for him. So I can say without reprieve that my Congressman stinks. I ran accross a picture the other day that sums him up to me entirely. In the mean time I found a quote from one of our founders... Mr. John Adams:

"One useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, three or more is a Congress."

Well that's it for now, there should be more to come, if Les doesn't cut me off.


Les James said...

Hey, Eric! Welcome to this tiny part of the the cyber world. It's not so much a corner as it is an indistinct section of a crease. And like most such places, all kinds of stuff gets forgotten here and tiny creatures scurry past.

I have massive hopes for your ability to make this the best blog in the world. If it doesn't happen it will be your fault. No pressure. Good luck.

USA_Admiral said...

Thanks for the visit.

So easy, even for Alan Grayson.