Monday, February 2, 2009

Obama Stands By His Man

by Les James

Patsy Cline plays in the background of the Oval Office as President Obama get updates on the Tom Daschle confirmation. This is the third looped CD of the classic Stand By Your Man that has recently played hereThe other two wore-out during confirmations of his other cabinet picks.

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Old NFO said...

You know the really sad part of this is, if this had been under the Republicans, the person would have been forced to withdraw! Now this is the SECOND dem that didn't pay his taxes, he says he's sorry and gets a bye... I don't unnerstand...

Snigglefrits said...

Of if he'd been the Token Republican being appointed for something of semi-importance like the Committee of Shits and Giggles, he would have been forced to withdraw.

That's the most fitting picture of that jerk I've ever seen though- great job Les!

Les James said...

Every time, Obama lets these people go before Congress, knowing what they have done or failed to do. The vetting process only proves what Obama already knows, he can have anything he wants. If Richardson had hung tough, he'd have a Cabinet position too.

Chris C said...

As long as you have the backing of the Messiah you are absolved of any wrongdoing.

RT said...

It is an ominous sign when a nominee has to give a press conference beginning with how sorry he is that he didn't pay his taxes...not even fully hired, yet.

Yet, as you all said, because "O" deemed it his will, it is done.