Monday, January 26, 2009


by Mr Shizzo

The first week of the Obama administration has been a relatively quiet one. The Obama administration says it is because things are going so smoothly. However, I have found out the true reason.

A reliable source told me that Obama continuously fails the "shoe dodging" training. Obama spends hours and hours trying to pass this training in the White House. It is holding up everything else he wants to do as President.

The official Secret Service trainer in "shoe dodging" recently was quoted as saying, "Bush was my greatest student. Every shoe I ever threw at him, he was able to dodge. And all our work paid off in Iraq a couple of weeks ago. He was amazing. But, this new guy can't dodge any shoe. Every time I throw a shoe at him, it nails him in the face. One time, I wasn't even aiming at him and it managed to hit his nose."

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RT said...

But see, Obama is the king of dodging questions of substance. No one can nail him with one.

Les James said...

We've got a really big shoe for you tonight. Pa-dum dump.