Monday, February 23, 2009

Government Grants Provide Political Humor

by Les James

There are times that I don't have to do anything, the government is funny all by itself. Here's a great example. I found this at an official .gov site that shows you how you too can get in on some economic stimulus.  This is a real description of a grant.

DARPA is soliciting innovative research proposals on the topic of a Submersible Aircraft. In particular, DARPA is interested in a feasibility study and experiments to prove out the possibility of making an aircraft that can maneuver underwater. The proposal needs to outline a conceptual design along with identifying the major technological limitations that need to be overcome in order to maneuver an aircraft underwater. In addition to the conceptual design studies, performers need to outline experiments or computational models that will be used to demonstrate that the major technological limitations can be overcome. 
I'm bookmarking this site. I know there has to be a lot of gems still in there. 

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brian said...

looks like i need to get working on my designe for the submersible

Les James said...

And I thought we already had one on the Hudson.

RT said...

Uh....It amazes me how they don't realize how dumb they sound.

Chris C said...

Whoever thought of this grant idea watches a lot of movies.