Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stimulus Package Contains Condoms

by Les James

How could I possibly add to that?  

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RT said...

They're funny even when they don't try. Idiots.

Les James said...

Goes right back to the Chinese Communist model. We have too many children, using too many resources. The stats say that the Caucasian population is on the decline in the US. So you can't lay the blame at that doorstep.

Hey, I got an idea, what if we just prevented the baby machines from entering the country illegally? And I stress illegal. Racist, nope. Facts are facts, sorry how they play out.

JumpOut said...

Stimulus bill? No, no, no, Mr. James, Stealfumus Bill.

Elm said...

Maybe they're for Bill Clinton.

Elm said...

It would stimulate HIM.