Thursday, February 19, 2009

Do It For The Children: Illegal Aliens Go Home

Another Conservative Rant by Les James

My up-bringing and twenty years in the Army have made me color blind.  I really don't care about your skin pigment, the shape of your eyes, gender, sexual preference, religion, blah, blah, blah...  I care about what you think about my country. That's right, MY country. Are you committed to standing up for the principles laid out by our founding fathers and the laws which govern our land or not? 

If your answer is not, then I am very biased against you. I don't hate you. I don't have the energy or desire to maintain that level of destructive emotion. I just don't like you very much. That I can sustain.

Every person who has every lived on this chunk of soil, currently know as the USA, has come to this great land from some where else or has relatives who did. This was not the cradle of civilization. We are all immigrants or the off-spring of immigrants.

This were I shout out, "Illegal Aliens Go Home!"

The operative word here is ILLEGAL.  That means breaking the law. That means taking jobs from Americans.  Don't tell me about jobs we won't do.  My son-in-law can't find work as a painter, because what jobs are out there have been infested by "people that just are trying to help their families". Yeah, and so was Bernie Madoff and Al Capone. These two examples along with "undocumented workers", and like so many of Obama's picks, didn't pay their taxes either.

I guess my son-in-law should just look for another line of work. So should American carpenters, framers, concrete workers -hell all of construction - wait staff, cooks, warehouse workers, hospitality industry employees, etc, etc, etc.

On the up side. Indications are that due to the economic down turn, a lot are heading back home. Yes, I said home. This country is not their home.  They make no claim to it. These people are criminals and one or more of  the following: users, tax cheats, job thieves, liars, identity frauds and a general drain on society.Oh, but who's going to pick the harvest and make our beds? This is where LEGAL immigration and properly monitored guest worker programs come in. It works. Letting people cut in front of the immigration line is wrong, by any standard. 

This exodus should be cause for great rejoicing for the 20,000 or so state workers in California, who are going to be laid-off. CA pays out 5 Billion in American workers tax money, each year, to those with no business in this country. What to fix massive gaps in a state budget? Stop hurting those who paid into the system and are here as citizens or legal "green" card holders, by giving away services and money to those who are looting from us already.

Charity begins at home. This is my country, my home. Let's help our family first and stop ripping the clothes off our backs to give to those who have forced their way into our home and are stealing our livelihoods, taking our money, time and educational opportunities from our schools, destroying our medical system and bringing ILLEGAL drugs and gang violence to our streets.

Who do I blame for all of this?Society at large for allowing politicians to let it get to this point. Wake-up America, you let this happen. We are a resilient people.  We can get through our current economic woes. We should begin by being proactive. Next election cycle, think before you let your emotions cast your vote.

I would go so far as to suggest that those of us who are currently unemployed, should be picketing construction sites and businesses who hire illegal aliens. Force the media to cover the fact the we, the rightful workers of this country, are standing outside, in the cold, while inside thieves are stealing food from the mouths of our kids.

To use one of the bleeding heart liberal's favorite sayings, Do it for the Children.

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USA_Admiral said...

Great post! I agree.

Morgan said...

You took the words right out of my mouth, Mr. James. Thanks for the post.

RT said...

Well said! :)

Old NFO said...

Well said Les- I still think the money would be better spent to redo Operation Wetback and deport em all, then there would be plenty of jobs for the unemployed... Maybe not at their former salary, but they would have a job. I also have major heartburn with giving them free medical, dental and tuition when my own kids can't even get that!

Les James said...

Thanks all. I know that so much of the time, I'm preaching to the choir, but maybe, sometime, someone will walk by and want to know what all the racket inside is all about.

It could happen.