Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The World is Deflating

by Les James

The world is deflating.  If this there can be little doubt. A few months ago, I could walk on solid ground. Now it seems to be getting softer, mushier.

Every day, I hear dread news of further drops in the stock market, weakening of the economy, fears of even greater reduction in jobs. Is it any wonder then, the globe itself is getting squeezy?  

Crap! Even the heads of our political leaders are getting softer! 

When I go outside the confines of my abode, everything seems insubstantial. I grab at what should be solid, reality, and it pushes through my fingers, melts in my hand. I have a cold feeling when I'm out in the world. It use to be pleasant, warm and inviting.  Now it seems harsh and uncaring.

The colors have faded, and now there are only shades of grays and whites.  Even the sky has taken on this hue, this texture of foreboding. 

All of this change has occurred since Obama was elected. He has taken the blue sky, the birds and inviting, green lawns.  Gone. Gone. In this winter of our discontent.

 H/T to RT for this idea

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RT said...

Well, gee. I inspired your thoughts, today.

Well said, and exactly what I was thinking, but could not put into words.


Les James said...

Thanks RT. Other bloggers often inspire me. I'm glad I could over dramatize your thoughts.

My kingdom for a horse!