Thursday, February 12, 2009

Obama Is Not My Savior

by Les James

I'm in the mood to rant again.

I don't know if our country's political climate has negatively affected you, but I've haven't been feeling all that funny lately -a sorry state for a political satire writer. I blame Obama for it all. Now you might think that's a rather far reaching statement.  All? Yeah, all.

OK, let's see how I got there.  According to liberal doctrine, people are small,  government is big. So the people can't be to blame, right?  The reason the country is in it's current state of financial disaster, is that the government failed to oversee the free markets and safeguard the little people from corporate greed.

This is what I hear daily. That, and only the government can make it better.

Obama is our savior.  This is something else I constantly hear from the Democrat Party, along with most news and opinion outlets. Let's except that premises for a time. Then a savior's job is to set an agenda, propose a fix, see that the fix is instituted, and one other thing.  What was that? Oh, yeah. Pay for transgressions. This means not only shouldering the burden of responsibility but also being accountable and culpable.  

Seems sensible to me.


What's Obama done?  In the few days that he's been in office, he's shrugged off the responsibility and accountability aspects of the job of savior, by blaming it all on people and entities not within the government.

Obama's holding the the wrong people responsible and accountable, by stating first that while the government failed in its duties, those who did naught things when the Nanny State was sleeping on the job, are the ones at fault. The socialist mindset of the liberal elitist demands that we are wards of the State, and therefore it's children. How dare Obama blame his children for misbehaving, when his own Nanny failed to make them mind?

All right, I'll admit that the Nanny was under a different boss for a while. But the Democrats have been in charge of both houses of Congress for more than two years now.  The same two years Obama was there. The President has very little actual power.  He derives most of it by persuading Congress.  The Republicans gave little to Bush and the Dems even less. Bush fought and lost, to the career liberal politicians and left wing, non-elected high government officials within all departments. Not that he fought all that hard or well. The Nanny was still very much in play.

Now we get to the culpability part.  Borrowing against future generations, to "fix" the sins of the past, doesn't sound much like salvation to me. The very ones that could not be to blame, the tiny, almost insignificant, average adult American, their progeny and their offspring, are the ones who will pay for the transgressions, not the savior.

Obama wanted the job, so automatically he gets the responsibility.  By refusing to uphold this fundamental Presidential pillar, along with other two pillars of leadership, accountability and culpability, he has already failed. Now he must take all of the blame.  All? Yeah, all.

By any measure I can see, Obama is a fraud and has to be removed from savior status.  He in fact, is nothing more than a high priest of an small, unholy cult, and we are the lambs, being dumbly lead to the alter. There to be sacrificed to the collectivist gods of social justice, political correctness and the good of the many. And even this is a lie. We are letting our throats be cut for the good of a very few.  

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Snigglefrits said...

Well said Les. Obama reminds me of the Wizard from Wizard of Oz, only without the umph the wizard had.

Les James said...

Thanks Snig. As days go by, I get darker and darker. Someday I hope to be funny again.

Probably tomorrow.

Snigglefrits said...

I've heard tell that romantic interludes with ones SO is helpful in de-darkening spirits. Valentine's day is coming up, so you try it and let me know if there's a smile on your face the next day that a cinder block wouldn't knock off.