Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Fonzi Scheme

Many people have asked, "What is a Ponzi scheme? How can anyone trick so many people and get all that money?"
Well, most explanations are very unsatisfactory. So, I decided to explain it myself:

Basically, the best way to explain it is to rename the Ponzi scheme, the Fonzi scheme. For those who don't know him. Here is a crash course. The television show was Happy Days. The era was Happy Days(the 50's). And the man was Fonzi! He's so cool How does he get all the girls? It's because he wears a black leather jacket, rides a motorcycle, has cigarettes rolled up his sleeve, and acts popular among high schoolers even though he is 25 years old. Maybe, if I act like Fonzi, I'll get all those girls, too.

Now, imagine Mr. Ponzi. He's so cool, he wears a black tuxedo to all the rich parties. How did he get so rich? What does he know about the market that I don't know? Oh, look. He is smoking such a fine cigar. And all the rich people and beautiful women follow him around. Maybe, if I give him a ton of my money, I can be like him, too. Gosh, this feels just like being in high school again.

And whatever happened to the good old days when the SEC was catching good wholesome people like Martha Stewart?

Fonzi photo -imageevent.com

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1 comment:

Les James said...

I've been involved with the biggest Fonzi, I mean Ponzi scheme ever, for many years now. It's called Social Security.