Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Obama Team Clears Itself

In news today that broke like the wind, Greg Craig, the incoming White House attorney, -according to the La Times blog- found that the "Obama Team probe of the Obama Team finds no Obama Team impropriety." This in reference to contact with Gov Blagojevich, concerning alleged quid pro qou dealings for Obama's vacant Senate seat. This should end all speculation. 

In related news, an attorney for alleged Ponsi Scheme mastermind, Bernie Madoff  found that the Madoff Team probe of the Madoff Team finds no Madoff Team impropriety.  There is probability no crime here as few if any poor, gay or minority investors were scammed.  As the Huffington Post put it, the victims were "a largely Jewish clientele across the eastern United States and a number of wealthy WASPS."

Sorry Snig, more Obama news.

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Mr Shizzo said...

Jack the Ripper conferred with his team of lawyers and his team has determined that he is not responsible for any murders in history.

Les James said...

It's this type of positive action from concerned citizens that the world needs.

Chris C said...

hmmm the President's attorney clears the administration of any wrongdoing. I am sure there will outrage by the liberals over this.

Oh wait it is Obama not Bush so it must be okay.

If you are a liberal you can do no wrong. If you are a conservative you can do no right. So ridiculous.