Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back In My Day...

by Mr Shizzo

I have been around a long time so I know a lot of things that our youth today know so little about. I asked them what a Depression is. They said, "Depression? I totally feel your vibe there. I've been feeling that way a lot. I've been feeling depressed my whole life, so we totally connect on this one, man."
And when I mentioned "Recession," many youngsters asked, "What's that? Does that have something to do with my hair loss?"

The young generation is clueless. So I decided that I would give the youngsters a quick run-down on how much things have changed since my day:

Back in my day, gas cost $4.60/gallon.
Back in my day, the Dow was at 14,000
Back in my day, every President was Caucasian and male.
Back in my day, you could do whatever you wanted without government regulation.

To this, they replied, "Wow! You sure have lived a long time. And you look so young, still. What's your secret?"

I replied, "I stopped watching the television show, Heroes, so I was getting to bed earlier."

"That's all it took?"


"I didn't realize Heroes was on the air that long? How long have you been around?"

"Three months."

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Les James said...

...eight miles, each way, up hill..

Good stuff!