Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dems Nominate Obama...Duh

Welcome to Sure Happy It's Thursday© or S.H.I.T.. This is where I blather on incoherently about what ever for a few moments. Today it's about the Democrat Convention, or as I like to call it, The Donkey Show.

I guess as a Democrat all you have to do to be picked, as your party’s candidate for President, is to get a bunch of people to yell really loud. I wonder if the delegates from Michigan and Florida were told to only yell half as loud since they were only half a person each?

Being a Democrat seems to mean the rules are only guidelines that can be suspended at any time, simply because they don’t fit in well with your plans. Silly guidelines like their own bylaws or possibly the U.S. Constitution. Or maybe they'll just re-write the Bill of Rights like good ol' Mr. Woodrow Wilson wanted to do. For some reason Obama reminds me of Dennis the Menace.

But that assumes they win the White House. Otherwise we’ll be in for four years of McCain getting tough, just before he caves to Nancy Pelosi’s and Harry Read’s demands.

Trotting out another ass, last night Bill was in the spotlight. Big deal. Like we didn't know that he was going to support his party. Now if Biden can just keep his ass from running his mouth...Nah. Between his well know comments about his would-be boss and Carter calling Obama a "black boy" there will be no end to the blogging hi jinks. Keep up the good work Dems.

Tonight at Invesco Field, Obama will either float in from on high like Criss Angel or walk across a reflection pool on his way to the stage to he give his acceptance speech. I fully expect the heavens to open and St Peter himself to descend to personally give Obama special dispensation and his blessing.

What ever happens it surly will be a spectacle. Oh, and very green.

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VE said...

Ha! Another Oregon blogger. Don't know how you find my blog but glad you did. This blog is funny...I'll tune in and check it out...

Les James said...

Thank you sir, back at you. Saw you comments somewhere and followed it back. Just getting started here. Been writing elsewhere for a while, so I could use the company.