Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fixing the Economy: Buy Me a Puppy

by Les James

The government knows full well that recessions, if left alone, historically, tend to reverse after about twenty-four months. Since we went into this one about thirteen months ago, we only have to wait out another eleven, before it will being to right itself. 

But all of this "economic stimulus" isn't about recovery, it's about control. In the long term, the greater the people are in debt to the state, the greater power the state has over We The People.

With one sixth, of the Obama's proposed 825 Billion economic stimulus package, going to schools, with the idea that it will make people feel better about being poor and unemployed, by allowing them to go to college instead or letting their kids sit in a better looking classroom, it stands to reason that buying unhappy people pets will have much the same effect. Now that was a very long sentence to describe a simple principle -our government is now focused on keeping us sedated.

 I know I'll feel better after the Obama brats get their new dog, and I can only imaging my own joy at have a tail wagging, bundle of furry fun running around my house. Just think, if Obama will just give all of us doggies of our own, we'll be too busy to worry about how we're going to pay for all of the economically crippling programs and give-aways that are squandering away our grandchild's futures.

But we shouldn't get just any dog.  No way. Every household should receive a very large bred pooch.  They're so cute when their small! We'll be so engrossed in playing with our new best friends, that we won't even notice their rapid growth or the increase in how much of our incomes they'll be eating.

And since it will be illegal to try to restrain them or stop any further increase in their now over-bloated, lard filled, Biggest Loser, fat asses, that they'll just crap all over the place, chew up the furniture and raid the pantry, on top of our bank accounts.  We'll just let them, in an attempt to keep them happy, because of all the good, loving intentions, they were suppose to deliver.

In the end, we'll discover that this short term solution to our unhappiness, has had very long term down-side effects.  Eventually, all we'll be left with is a very large, fat, unruly, ungrateful, junk yard dog, that will bite the hand that feeds it.

Maybe I don't want a free puppy after all.

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Snigglefrits said...

Yeah, no free puppies- of any sort.

Les, do you pick the word verification? ackwoof Fitting, no?

Les James said...

Wish I did. I'd love to take credit for some of those.

Snigglefrits said...

Well dang Les. If Gore can take credit for the internet and Love Story, you can take credit for the word verification words. ;)

This time around, the word is tater.

I expect possum to come up next...

David said...

I'll pass on the puppy, thank you very much - but when it comes to squandering the grandchildren's future, I think Mr. Bush's wars using borrowed money coupled with treasury-busting tax cuts already handled that quite nicely.

RT said...

At least Bush's expenditures were over a six year period...not what will end up being two years, with birth control attached.

Les James said...

If only birth control had been attached to Obama's daddy.

AuntieMaude said...

Puppies are only good for pissing on your floor, especially this puppy. Better roll up them britches sonny, we are going to be in the high waters soon.

Chris C said...

but puppies are cute.

Oh wait you are talking about our government. I'm an idiot.