Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Carol: Good King Wenceslas (in a way)

While the true meaning and spirit of Christmas escapes many of us, a very common bond unites us all. If it's not you, then it's someone close that suffers through the holidays when the relatives come to call.

Good Tidings, They are Leaving

Pacing 'round on Christmas day, while carolers are singing
In-laws footfalls on the porch, now the doorbells ringing
Wearing socks I slip out back, the kids next door are screaming
Realize my folly soon, as it’s well past freezing

Back inside the drumming starts, my holly wreath is falling
Front door shivers and it shakes, a voice outside is calling
‘Hey you bonehead open up!’ but for time I’m stalling
No place to run, no place to go, oh God have mercy, balling

That little chain won’t keep them out, now I start to panic
Think of something quick I say, my voice is sounding manic
My wife is coming down the stairs, I must be looking frantic
She rolls her eyes and shakes her head, I’ll hide up in the attic

The stairwell’s blocked with tiny tots, their faces all are beaming
A nervous smile upon my face but inside I am screaming
The front door's opened from inside and through it they are streaming
Laying siege to my domain, until some time this evening

I suffered through the talk of who’s arches that are falling
I tried to fade away that day, my name they just kept calling
Do this, do that, turn down the set, the game I wasn’t following
Dinner came I sat to eat but had trouble swallowing

It was dark outside that night, on that Christmas evening
We’d opened gifts much earlier but the best was waiting
They donned their coats, stepped outside, I found that I was kneeling
I thanked the Lord in heaven above, my best present was their leaving

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Snigglefrits said...

Looking forward to the holiday hubbub aren't ya'?

Merry Christmas anyway.

Les James said...

Yeah, I enjoy my family. Weird, huh?

Snigglefrits said...

Yeah, but luckily it's the good kind of weird.

Mr Shizzo said...

An "in-law at Christmas" by any other name is still an "in-law at Christmas."