Monday, November 10, 2008


This is Part 1 of a three part series by Mr Shizzo. He will be here on the second and fourth Mondays of each month.

Who's Your Daddy?

For many years, we did not have to wipe our fannies.
Things were good down there and never smelly.
Of course, in those times of prosperity, we often forgot who to thank.
We just enjoyed ourselves.

But, it has become very clear.
We need someone to look out after us
That's what we need.
All of this mess with our fannies is starting to stink and it could have been avoided.

I mean look at Mae's fannie.
If you let Fannie Mae do whatever she wants with her fannie, she'll let her fannie loose and do it with whoever.
I mean.

It used to be lifelong 30-year fixed commitments.
Whatever happened to these long-term commitments?
Now, its 5-year and sometimes only 3-year commitments.
My goodness.

Sometimes people need to be reminded what the difference is between right and wrong. Sometimes people need to be reminded,..."Who's your daddy?"
That's right. "Who's Yo Daddy?"

Your fannie knows who your daddy is.
Your daddy.
Well, it's Big G.
Yes...Big Government.

And if you don't behave for your daddy, you know what happens to you?
You end up like the Lehman brothers.
I knew it.

Daddy liked them least.
Daddy never played catch with them.
That's why he left their fannies out to fry.
So, remember that it pays to know... Who's your daddy?

Because he is the only one who can wipe your fannie.

Humor-blogs know who your daddy is.
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Les James said...

Thanks much Mr. President but I can wipe my own fannie.

Chris C said...

I foresee a generation of people who will need government to wipe their asses.