Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sarah Palin Must Die

A sick, satirical look at ourselves

A partisan Alaskan commission has found Sarah Palin guilty of influencing the firing of somebody in connection with not firing someone else. Burn her at the stake.

George Bush and Dick Cheney are guilty of lying to America about WMDs in Iraq. It's the chair for both of them. Along with their Cabinet, advisers and friends.

Congress is just plain guilty of so many things that they have to be lined up against the Potomac and gunned down like the traitors they are. This also takes care of McCain, Obama and Biden.

Thirty-one governors have let their states fall into financial ruin. Hang 'em high. The other 19 or 26, depending on who you believe, will if given the chance, so might as well hang them too.

The state legislatures were involved, draw and quarter them.

Mayors and city counselors across the country are irresponsible, if not criminal in someones mind. Slitting their throats is in order.

County commissions and all other non-military state and federal government employees are stooges. Off with their heads.

Military personal must be executed in order of rank, from the bottom up. Generals, being last, will swallow their sidearms.

The heads of all evil corporations (and they're all evil) have to fry in their mansions, while those who work for them must be rounded up and set ablaze in the high-rise office buildings and factories where they orchestrated their greedy rape of the earth.

Run all judges through with swords.

Price gouging shop and gas station owners and employees must play on the freeways.

Lawyers and used care salesmen are to be stoned by angry mops.

Police officers, firemen, the CIA, DEA, BATF, FBI, NCIS and all the rest of those initials will drink poison.

Wall Street and all other global financial centers must be nuked. The Cayman Islands and Switzerland have to included for good measure.

Anyone who has ever made a racial slur or has ever discriminated against anyone has to be clubbed until their brains spill.

Death by choking on large objects to all fags and to those who are intolerant of alternate life styles.

Wipe out Hollywood types and journalist through drownings.

Level the schools with the teachers still inside.

Planned Parenthood, all abortion clinics, adoption centers and right to life organizations and everyone of their members needs to put plastic bags over their heads and sit in corners. Just the people, not the buildings.

Torch the cities as they are the modern Sodoms and Gomorrahs of our time. Likewise destroy the rural areas as these people are feeble minded.

Next stake out all conservatives in the desert, followed by the liberals, followed by the apathetic.

Those who believe in evolution have to be made extinct and religious type are right behind them. They can go meet their gods.

Oh almost forgot bloggers. Actually, they should have been on the top of the list, right behind that power hungry, gun slinging, nasty, hockey mom

All that are left now are the children. They'll succumb to diseases, exposure, wild animals and hunger in a short period of time.

There, now we can all live in a perfect country.

Hello! Hello! Is anybody out there? is a lot funnier.


JumpOut said...

She's a witch! Burn Her!

How do you know she's a witch?

She turned me into newt! I got better.

Sorry, I'll stop that now.

Les James said...

The reason for this year's witch hunting expedition is to look for last year's.

Ah, another Python fan.

RT said...

Evil hockey mom!

(Aren't people so stupid?)

Les James said...

It's a good thing we're bloggers and not people.

JumpOut said...

Les, you say that as if there are people that aren't Monty Python fans.

Les James said...

Sick, twisted individuals all. And when are you going to put-up an avatar so I can see what you look like?