Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Humor Writer, Where for Art Thou?

I decided to take some time off from this blog. The original intent was to provide a place for aspiring writers  to see their humor published.  While I've received dozens of hits looking at my request for submissions, not a single person has sent in anything that could be used.  I have to assume then that either humor writing is very difficult or very few have the real desire to put themselves out there for others to enjoy or criticize.

My thanks go out to my old friend, Sgt Bilko, a woman with the balls to allow others a glimpse into her slightly warped mind. 

I will continue to write for Conservative Humor and Satire by Radioactive Liberty and work on my various writing projects.  If at such time as other writers come forward, I will resume this blog.



RT said...


Les James said...

RT, my friend, it's not so much a matter of patience as a matter of time. Many, such as yourself, have a wealth of ideas that flow freely from your brain to your fingers. You have a wonderful gift. I'm a bit slower.

In order to create something I believe is worthwhile takes me hours. If there is photoshoping involved, several hours. So writing for RL each week -which I truly enjoy- and 3 post here is a time commitment I can't justify presently.

If the original intent of this blog were to come to fruition, then I would be acting more as an editor.

Once again I wonder if those who can already are and those who wish they could are still waiting tables in Hollywood.

I'd love nothing better than for several folks to prove me dead wrong.