Friday, September 26, 2008

The Wizard Ozbama #5

Once again it's time for the next picture from the up-coming movie The Wizard Ozbama. SatireParody Military Political Humor by Sideshow Mirrors will be bringing you a new one every Friday from now until the election.

Check out the first four: The Wizard Ozbama #1 #2, #3, #4

It ain't Oz but Humor-blogs has some funny stuff. Please drop in and vote for your favorites.


RT said...

I have to go find my ruby red slippers.

Michael Levin said...

At the debate last night i thought i saw McCain wearing the ruby red slippers...I think he was mumbling to himself over and over "there's no place like retirement home, there's no place like retirement home." I guess he's ready for this election to be over so he can nap and play chess

Les James said...

RT, Michael- I don't know if either of you have checked out Ebay lately but there is flood of cheap, Asian, knock-off Ruby slippers coming into the country. Seems like I missed the boat again for my early retirement.

RT said...


Kind of a metaphor for Obama, eh?