Monday, September 29, 2008

October 2008 Calender of Events, Observances and Stupid Stuff

Each month earth shaking events are celebrated across the U.S.A. Unfortunately, you probably have never heard of most of them. Yeah October has Columbus Day and Halloween, but I'm sure many were too dumb to know October is Sarcastic Awareness Month. That was sarcasm. Get it? Me saying that some of you were dumb by not knowing... Oh, forget it.

Below you're going to find a short list I've compiled of the truly important events and observances that you really need to know. By celebrating these, you can enrich your life and the lives of your friends and relatives. I don't think it will bring about world peace -that's a different month.

October 2008

Month: Pickled Pepper, Sausage, and Pizza Month.

Weeks: 5-11: National Metric Week, 19-25: National Water Week.

Days: 1: World Vegetarian Day, 2: Name Your Car Day, 3: Federal Income Tax Day, 4: Taco Day, 5: Be Nice to Lawyers Day, 7: Bathtub Day, 8: Tube Top Day, 10: Tuxedo Day, 11: Sausage Pizza Day, 14: Full Moon Day, 15: Grouch Day, Oatmeal Day, 18: Watch A Squirrel Day, 20: Shampoo Day, 21: Babbling Day, 23: Mole Day, 26: Mule Day & Mother-in-law's Day, 27: Boxer Shorts Day, 29: The Internet's Birthday, 31: Frankenstein Day

Happy Birthday Internet!

Every day is Humor-Blogs Day. Please head there and give a smilie face for a blog you love.


RT said...

That girl's picture is a reason why I should not and will not be wearing a tube top on Oct. 8.

I find it interesting that national squirrel day and national boxer shorts day coincide with sausage month. But I'm not a conspiracy nut or anything.

Oh, and you are a turd-head. Just being sarcastic.

Btw., is it illegal to shoot a car because its horn has been blowing for five minutes straight? I was trying to sleep. WAS.

Les James said...

Sarcasm or not, it's true.

Sorry about your sleep but, this is where we have a major problem in our society. Don't blame the barking dog, blame the owner. Likewise, don't harm the poor car, shoot the driver.

BTW, I look much better in boxers than those two. I suspect a tube top too.

David said...

>>>Sarcastic Awareness Month

I LOVE that. Priceless.

Unfortunately, I must recommend you be either incarcerated or institutionalized for your choice of pictures in that post. I'm just saying....