Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Super Liberal Interview, Part II

Well it's Sure Happy It's Thursday© or S.H.I.T. What could be more appropriate than this crap? I give you the second half of my nauseating chat with Monty, the author of the blog, The Super Liberal.

Monty: First of all, I buy a small latte so in ‘fact', or as you like to call 'theory', I bought the wifi access. And I am not a socialist. I don't think everyone should share, just the rich should share with the less-rich and the poor. I thought trickle-down economics was a good thing? Are you rich and trying to protect your off-shore investments from our tax code? How many poor children have to die before rich people pay more taxes?

Les: Shut-up! I told you I'd give you you're chance. Where was I? Oh, yeah.

Are all of the modern conveniences that you seem to enjoy somehow detached from the so-called 'rape of the earth'? No and hell no! You're the lowest form of pond scum that leaches life from those who actually produce the modern miracles that you deride. And another thing, I'll compare you to whom ever I damn well feel like.

Come on, what can you possibly say to that other than just calling me names, huh? Give it your best Gandhi-like non-violent shot, you Mother Earth sodomizing, sicko.

Monty: Because of your kind’s thirst for oil, I have to live WITHOUT modern conveniences like a motor vehicle or electricity. I make my own candles and converted an exercise bike to power my laptop because you want to drill more frigging oil in Alaska.

And now you have the politician to help make it happen, none other then the governor of the ANWAR reserve, Sarah Palin. Looks like it’s more games and lobbying from big oil.

Les: I’ve really had about enough of your self-righteous whining. If you cared as much about this earth as you profess, you’d do the right, just and noble thing and just remove your carbon footprint altogether. But instead you’ll keep on blaming others and burdening the earth you claim you love. Be a shining example for, hopefully, thousand of others just like you to follow. Set it free Batty, set it free.

Screw this crap. I’m out of here. Have a nice candle-lit life, Monty.

Stupid, liberal SOB. Damn I wish I could get my hands on his scrawny, mommy’s boy, bleed-heart, piece of …

Calm down, Les. OK, it’s over. Don’t let him get to you. Breath… All right.

There, much better. Fine.

I think that went well.

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Anonymous said...

Geesh. That's like a few hours you'll never get back.

(Good interview!)

Les James said...

Thanks. I'll be in rehab for the next six weeks or so. I hear it's a nice place.

Super Liberal said...

You didn't have to edit the interview to make yourself look better. But even so, it is clear I got the better of you in the interview. It was a decent attempt though, I will give you that.

Anyone can twist words but only a liberal speaks truth.

Les James said...

I edited nothing. The only thing happening here is your own words bouncing around your thick skull, making it seem like there was more.

Anonymous said...

Anyone can twist words but only a liberal speaks truth.

Ummm....."it depends on what you definition of "is" is.

Yeah, that was a whole lot of truth.

You do know Biden plagiarized a speech and also lied about part of his background at one point, don't you?

I could play twister all day!

Les James said...

You go girl!