Thursday, November 11, 2010

Is Debt Reduction the new Green?

Nancy Pelosi will lose her G5 broom under John Boehner's leadership -he'll fly commercial. The Tea Party's new congressional members are calling for deep cuts in spending. There are even a few hardcore Global Warming believing, polar bear hugging, Cap and Tradeors© that have begun to make noises in that direction.

So what does it mean? Hell if I know. But maybe, just maybe, it's a sign that Saving Green is the New Going Green©

Jump ahead a few months, and we may see government officials rushing to gain righteousness through austerity. The next one-upsmanship may involve bragging about how much money they saved the taxpayer.

In the House cloak room

Congressman (R): "I rode my bike in here this morning instead of taking my chauffeur driven car. It shows that I get it."

Congressman (D):  "Well I can top that. I just cut my staff by one person."

Congressman (R):  "Not bad, but I'm co-writing a Bill that will slash our chamber's electric cost by mandating that at least half the lights always be off. That's going to save a lot more than you cutting one staffer." 

Congressman (D):  "Whatever. We Democrats have been passing legislation in the dark for years."

Congressman (R):  "Yeah... Well, I guess that makes me a superior Save Green person."

Congressman (D):  "Hold on. Even better than printing on both sides, I'm saving paper in the Congressional Washroom by using both sides of the toilet paper. So there."

Congressman (R): "....Uh... You win."

Saving Green is the New Going Green  and Cap and Tradeors are the exclusive intellectual property of Les James. I don't care that he's not a real person. He still has rights. Like the right to vote.     


Eric said...

Les! You're back!

I was beginning to think they were never going to allow your bail.

Oh wait, they didn't just give you computer access did they?

Welcome back boss.

Les James said...

Well... yeah. Thanks for the greeting. Nice to hear from you.

Suppose I'm back, in a way. This was always a side project. Kind of stepping way down from the heady days of Radioactive Liberty. Too bad it's all but gone. Even Chris C has dropped out of sight.