Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just A General Rant

There seemed to be a wonderful thing happening the other day(on March 17), that for some reason happens every year.

Green beer.

Now I get that it should mean something to some people who are of a certain ancestry; And I say good and well for them, they likely deserve some sort of party for whatever oppression they have suffered against to get to where they are now. Well actually they aren't.

But here is my question. When did the island of Ireland construct an independent government, throw off the oppression of mother England, convene a new Constitution, script a structure of laws among the inhabitants of their land, and absolutely throw off any connection to any King or Queen? Um, NEVER.

Saint Patrick's Day is nothing but a reason to drink green beer and thank the Irish for.... well, nothing.

It's too bad that Americans are so ignorant about history because as has so often happened in the past, history commonly repeats its' self. And America is in the midst of turning its' self into the greatest Roman Empire that ever existed, simply because of its' own lack of knowledge of history.

Define Irony better than that.


Les James said...

Bravo! As far as I can see this celebration is no different than Cinco de Mayo or Arbor Day -just an excuse to get drunk.

Eric said...

Actually, I don't know what Arbor Day is. I remember um, a long time ago I skipped High School to go dirt-biking for Arbor Day, but got in trouble for it because the truck blew up. It was the only time I ever played hookie, and I got busted. Isn't it what earth day is now? Why don't they do that in the Summer? Do they still do that? It was in May then.

me again, billy said...

Its all just another way of companies to get dollars out of your wallet. It is the same as mothers day, fathers day, valentines day and all those other useless holidays. Just marketing crap. Crazy thing is no matter how bad the economy is we Americans buy into it all. Its not that we don't know our history as we are taught in school. Thing is we don't know our TRUE and ACCURATE history. Just ask any 5th grader why the Civil War was fought. The answer, slavery. That my friend is why we keep repeating history. We do it and just hope for a different result, insanity.