Friday, January 16, 2009

Buy American, Maybe

Today it came out that Obama the Green sold his Chrysler 300 on Ebay and bought a hybrid during the recent campaign. The estimated 17 MPG, gas guzzler just wasn't the right image for the newly eco-concerned Senator. This is the same model of car, that about four years ago, then Presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry said he was driving.  Kerry said he owned it because it was made in America.  Trouble with that is, it's really made at a Chrysler plant in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.    

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RT said...

I hear the new limo has spinners and hydraulics for the low-riding competitions The One plans to have with world leaders when they visit.

Les James said...

Ironic that the song Lowrider came off of an album by the band, War, entitled "Why Can't We Be Friends?" Do you think Obama had that in mind?

Imee said...

Lol. Well the intent was there! Somebody knock on his door and inform him that his American car was made in Canada and not the US, so he won't make the same mistake next time. ;)