Tuesday, October 7, 2008

McCain/Obama Town Hall Debate

First off this was no debate nor was it a Town Hall meeting. That being said, I read between the lines and came up with the following conclusions. I'll keep this short, as it's getting late.

McCain wants the economy to be run like Ebay.

Obama wants to stop all lobbying. So I guess he won't be getting money from the FMs any longer.

McCain wants to buy my neighbors house that dropped in value and let them re-finance at that lesser value simply because they bought more house then they could afford while I have to continue to pay for my house at the price I bought it for and pay through my taxes for my neighbors house too. Try saying that in one breath.

Obama doesn't think the U.S. participated in WWII, at least in part, to stop the Holocaust .

McCain now refers to Obama as "that one," sort of like picking out perps in a line-up.

The rest of my comments have to do with Barrack Hussein Obama. Because I don't like him and this is my blog. Not that I have really have any great love for McCain but like I said, it's my blog.

The elected President Musharraf (who was kicked out of office) was a dictator.

If Pakistan can't or won't, Obama will go into that sovereign country to kill Obama, er I mean Osama bin Laden. So bin Laden is guilty, but if we capture him on the battle field he needs his Miranda Rights read to him, then given a fair trial before we kill him. Huh?

Obama's wife Michele knows more than he does.

If Iran develops the bomb it could fall into the hands of terrorist.

We can weaken Russia and Iran if we stop driving our cars.

Oh, and he wants to fix Medicare and Social Security in his first term.

So, what did you get out of their monumental exchange of ideas?


JumpOut said...

Maybe I misunderstood, but it sure seemed like Obama said he wanted the health care industry to be run like the sub-prime lending industry. Let me see if could wrap my bitter, gun-clinging, religious mind around the enlightened one's ever so wise words: He wants to force some entity, presumably the Federal Government, to give health insurance to people who can't afford it, while taking away the discretion of the provider to make prudent choices in how they cover whom increasing the risks incurred by that provider. Is that about right?

Anonymous said...

Not quite. Obama is only "forcing" health care for CHILDREN whose parents can't afford health care. There's no mandate for universal coverage for adults. In the richest country in the world, kids born to poor parents might actually get the same health care as someone born with a silver spoon - imagine that!

Okay, some of you probably did just imagine that, and still think it's a bad idea because the "ME" sensor in your brain gathered that helping someone else isn't worthwhile unless you somehow benefit from it yourself, and you still can't comprehend the long-term "ME" benefits of things like a good public education system and affordable health care.

So look at it this way: under Obama's plan, you'll be far less likely to catch some awful disease from the teenagers who serve your food at restaurants, or the underage hookers who service you in your luxury car.

But no, let's put this to the real test... What Would Republican Jesus Do? Let 'em rot - give the CEOs their tax cut.

JumpOut said...

Riiight, our government controlled education system has turned out so well. Just like our government controlled retirement system.

I fail to see how giving health care to children whose parents can't afford it is any different from giving it to adults that can't afford it. I also fail to see how having another cumbersome, craptastically run, federal bureaucracy going bankrupt will help anything in the long term.

The messianic one is truly a worker of miracles. To give free health care to the children, free college tuition to students, government subsidized mortgages to idiots, and tax cuts to 95% of Americans is truly a miracle. I suppose to pay for all this he plans to perform another miracle using five nickels and two quarters or some such?

Les James said...

JO- I thought I heard Obama say that it was a middle class tax cut to 95% of Americans. Once again the numbers are suggesting that poverty is gone in this country. Biden first brought this up with his 100 mil middle class households remark in the VP debate.

So if poverty is gone then where is all my money going for these welfare state programs?

Both candidates stated that they would eliminate non-functioning gov programs. Hehehehe! If they would actually do this, my taxes would go down and then health care for kids, that according to Obama are cheap to insure, might be feasible. But they won't cut any programs other than the military and still raise my taxes and still want to insure kids.

Sorry but they are not my kids, I didn't have them (that would be impossible)and my family is my concern. Why when I have a very hard time making ends meet and providing for my family should I be mandated to do more for someone's family? And don't tell me that I should tighten my belt for the children. That doesn't fly any longer.

I retired with 30% disability from years of abusing my body for this country. I hurt every day. My wife works full time, I work in trades and make OK money when there is work, which has been slow for the last year. Jobs are scarce in these parts and so I feel lucky to have one of them.

Don't even tell me or the millions like me that we need to do more. Sorry, that well is about dry.

Fiar | Conservative Political Humor said...

What Would Republican Jesus Do?

Mmm. Let me pretend for a minute that Jesus wasn't just Osiris or Hercules placed into a new brand of mythology.

Crap. I tried really hard, but my tiny conservative brain just can't do it. The issue isn't caring for the less fortunate. It's whether GOVERNMENT should have that role, or whether we, as individuals should. But of course, if you believe that people are evil and government is good, then I see why you would think it would be wrong to leave it to individual responsibility.

JumpOut said...

Wait, I thought Jesus was community organizer. Doesn't that make him black, and therefore a liberal?

Les James said...

Just go to almost any black church around Christmas. That's him in that cow feeder thingie. The three wise men standing around look a lot like Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright and Malcolm X.